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A plan that offer guaranteed returns and financial protection for your family.

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A plan that offers immediate or deferred stream of income

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Retirement years are the golden years of life.

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A plan that offers long term savings and life cover.


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Fixed Deposit (FD) Calculator

An FD is a safe and secure investment option offered by banks and financial institutions. You deposit a lump sum for a fixed period (tenure) and earn interest on that amount....Compared to savings accounts, FDs offer guaranteed returns, making them ideal for growing your savings for specific goals like a down payment, education, or retirementRead more

Total Investment Amount

₹ 1 lakh
₹ 10 lakh

Interest Rate(P.A)


Investment Tenure(Years)

 1 Year
 10 Year

Why use an FD calculator?

Planning your finances shouldn't be a guessing game. FD is one of the options you should consider when you are looking for investments to complete your short-term goals.

An FD is a great investment to build your emergency fund, plan for motorcycle or a car down payment and so on. But, if you are someone who wants to know how much returns can FD give, our FD calculator empowers you with knowledge by:

Estimating your future earnings: See how much your FD can grow based on your principal amount, interest rate, and chosen tenure.
Making informed decisions: Compare different FD options and choose the one that aligns with your financial goals.
Understanding the variables: Gain clarity on key factors like interest rate, tenure, and how they impact your returns.
Why Use FD

Calculate Your Future Earnings with Ease

Our user-friendly FD calculator makes planning a breeze. Simply enter:


Principal amount:
The lump sum you're investing.


Interest rate:
The annual interest rate offered by the FD.


The duration for which you invest (months or years).

Understanding the Key Factors of FD Calculators

When it comes to understanding FD returns, you have first understand the various terms used when people talk about FDs in general. Check them out below to make the most out of the FD calculator and predicting FD returns effectively.

  • List

    Interest rate:The higher the rate, the more you earn. Compare rates across different FDs to find the best deal.

  • List

    Tenure:Longer tenures generally offer higher interest rates but limit your access to the funds. Choose a tenure that aligns with your goals.

  • List

    Principal amount:The more you invest, the higher your returns. Start small and gradually increase your investments as your finances grow.

  • List

    Compound interest:The magic of compounding lets your interest earn interest, boosting your overall returns. Opt for compounding whenever possible.

  • List

    Simple interest:While it offers stability, the returns are lower compared to compounding. Choose simple interest for shorter tenures or specific needs.

Pro Tips for Smart Investors

ListMaximize interest rates: Research and compare rates offered by different banks and financial institutions. Consider special FD schemes for senior citizens or specific investment needs.
ListOptimize tenure: Match your tenure with your goals. Short-term goals might benefit from shorter tenures, while long-term goals can leverage longer tenures for higher returns.
ListCompounding is your friend: Choose FDs with compounding options to maximize your returns.
ListExplore reinvestment options: Consider reinvesting your matured FD at a higher interest rate for even greater growth.

Check Out Our Other Calculators

Our commitment to your financial well-being extends beyond the calculator. We offer valuable resources to help you make informed decisions. Be it calculating compound interest, BMI or something else, you can check out the list here:

Planning your financial future starts with the right tools. Our FD calculator empowers you to visualize your goals, understand key factors, and make informed investment decisions. Start calculating your future earnings today and take control of your financial journey!

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