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Protect your family's financial future.

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A plan that works like a term plan, and Earns like ULIP Plan.

Kotak Assured Savings Plan

A plan that offer guaranteed returns and financial protection for your family.

Kotak Assured Pension

A plan that offers immediate or deferred stream of income

Kotak Lifetime Income Plan

Retirement years are the golden years of life.

Kotak Guaranteed Savings Plan

A plan that offers long term savings and life cover.


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In ULIP, the investment risk in the investment portfolio is borne by the policyholder

SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) Calculator

Systematic Investment Plan or SIP is a method of disciplined investment. The SIP calculator will help you relook at the investment strategy and aid you in making better financial returns. Check out the use of SIP calculator and everything you wanted to know about it....SIPs or Systematic Investment Plans is a method of investing in mutual funds. Mutual funds are instruments that can help grow your investments multi-fold over long-term. But what about understanding the returns on these instruments? For that, you can use various financial tools like SIP calculator.Read more

Investment Amount(Monthly)

₹ 1 k
₹ 1 lakh

Interest Rate(P.A)


Investment Tenure(Years)

 1 Year
 30 Year
Invested Amount
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Total Value
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SIP Calculator

What is a SIP Calculator?

A SIP calculator, short for Systematic Investment Plan calculator, is an online financial tool that aids investors in estimating the potential returns on their SIP investments. SIP, a popular investment strategy, allows individuals to invest small, regular amounts at fixed intervals in mutual funds, ULIPs and similar financial instruments. The calculator takes into account various parameters such as the investment amount, duration, and expected returns to provide a projection of your wealth accumulation over time.

How can a SIP Return Calculator help you?

Investors often want to know the potential returns on their SIP investments before committing to a particular plan. This is where a SIP return calculator comes into play. By using this calculator, you can::

Set Realistic Financial Goals:

A SIP return calculator helps you set achievablefinancial goalsby estimating the returns you can expect from your investments. Whether it's planning for your child's education, buying a house, or building a retirement corpus, having a clear financial target is crucial.

Compare Investment Options:

With SIP return calculator, you can compare the potential returns of different SIP schemes like ULIPs ormutual funds.This allows you to make an informed choice and select the investment plan that aligns with your objectives and risk tolerance.

Monitor Progress:

Once you start your SIP, you can periodically use the calculator to track your investment's performance. This helps you stay on course and make necessary adjustments to meet your goals.Take a step ahead for building your wealth!

How do SIP Calculators work?

SIP calculators use a simple yet powerful formula to estimate returns. The formula takes into account the following parameters:

Investment Amount:The monthly or yearly amount you plan to invest.

Investment Tenure:The duration for which you intend to invest.

Expected Rate of Return:The anticipated annual return on your investment.

Using these inputs, the calculator calculates the future value of your investment, factoring in the power of compounding. The compounding effect is what makes SIP investments particularly lucrative over the long term

You can now calculate returns on SIP investment that you make in various funds using SIP calculator. Also, SIP investments should be made with 100% individual research or through financial advisors so you don’t invest in wrong funds or play your own losses. In such cases, if you calculate returns on SIP and then make one, it helps making informed, data-led decisions.

SIP Working

How to use Kotak Life’s SIP Calculator?

Using Kotak Life's SIP calculator is a straightforward process:

Enter Your Details: Input the necessary information, including your monthly or yearly SIP investment amount, the investment tenure (in years), and your expected rate of return.

Get Your Estimate: Once you've filled in the details, the calculator will provide you with an estimated future value of your investment. This projection can be a powerful motivator to stay committed to your investment plan.

Advantages of using Kotak Life SIP Calculator

Kotak Life's SIP calculator offers several advantages:


The calculator employs a robust algorithm to provide precise estimates, helping you make well-informed investment decisions.


The tool is designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible to both novice and experienced investors.

3.Speed and Convenience:

You can get instant results, allowing you to quickly assess different investment scenarios.

4.Goal-Based Planning:

Kotak Life's SIP calculator can help you set specific financial goals and determine the SIP amount required to achieve them.

5.Realistic Expectations:

By providing a realistic estimate of your future wealth, the calculator helps you set achievable financial goals and manage your expectations.

Sip Working

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Financial well-being starts with a plan. You can check out more financial tools and calculators to get a head start in your financial journey.

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