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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of ULIP?

ULIPs are a balanced combination of investment and insurance that can offer protection and capital gain under one plan.

  • 21,977 Views | Updated on: Mar 08, 2024

ULIPs are becoming more popular as an investment option. They may be the best choice if you are a first-time investor because they offer much flexibility while reducing risks. However, it is only fair to understand the pros and cons of Unit-Linked Insurance Plans before investing.

Investing is a habit that prepares you for the future and helps generate wealth. For investors seeking both insurance and investment opportunities, ULIPs offer a unique blend with potential benefits. However, understanding their advantages and disadvantages is crucial for making an informed decision about suitability.

What are United asurance Plans (ULIPs)?

Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs) are insurance types that combine investing and insurance into one package. Policyholders must pay a premium monthly, semi-annually, or annually for 5-15 years. Including long-term capital gains on equities and equity-related investments, tax-free at maturity, gives ULIPs a competitive advantage. In addition, it is an exempt-exempt-exempt product. ULIP tax benefits allow investors to claim a tax deduction of up to ₹1.5 lakhs annually under section 80C of the Income Tax Act, but only provided the premium does not exceed 10% of the total insured amount.

What are the Advantages of ULIPs?

There is a long list of advantages that ULIPs offer. It includes tax benefits, premium redirection, flexible withdrawal, etc.

Long-Term Financial Investment

ULIPs are ideal for consumers who want to put money down for a long-term objective since short-term market volatility provides lower returns. Still, long-term market investments produce handsome returns.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Unit-Linked Insurance Plan

Tax-Free Income

Tax-free and tax-advantaged returns are available through ULIPs. The premiums for ULIPs are tax-deductible, and the death payments received are tax-free. In addition, the secure payout or the fund’s value of investments is also available to the policyholder, and these returns are not taxed.

Withdrawals in Parts

After the lock-in period, policyholders can withdraw partially from the policy if they do not exceed 20% of its fund value. Furthermore, these withdrawals are not subject to taxation.

High Profits

ULIPs can generate good returns depending on the fund in which one invests. For instance, if the fund invests heavily in the capital markets, it will benefit from rising stock prices.

ULIPs Encourage Goal-Based Savings

ULIPs support disciplined investing because they are made to help you achieve important financial objectives. With such a strategy, you can save your long-term goals to meet immediate requirements.

You must save money to achieve your primary life objectives, like purchasing a home, paying for your children’s higher education, or guaranteeing a happy retirement.

Deductions on Top-ups

ULIPs let you add periodic top-ups to your investment, giving you the flexibility to capitalize on market opportunities and accelerate your wealth creation. Top-up premiums qualify for income tax deductions under sections 80C and 10D, lowering your tax burden. Unlike shares, equity mutual funds, and ELSS, where profits above ₹1 lakh attract long-term capital gains tax (LTCG), ULIPs offer complete exemption from LTCG.

Premium Redirection

With ULIP, you can redirect future premiums to a different fund, ensuring your investment stays aligned with your goals and market opportunities. You can adjust your investment strategy with flexible premium redirection, protecting your portfolio from risks while maximizing potential gains. This feature helps you adapt your investment mix with future premium allocation to different funds, meeting your evolving financial needs and capitalizing on market shifts.

What are the Disadvantages of ULIPs?

While ULIPs offer a combination of insurance and investment, they also come with several disadvantages:


ULIPs typically have a high cost attached to them. These fees are initially higher because they cover the costs of managing your funds and administering policies. So, a sizeable portion of your premium is first lost to charges. However, as time goes on, both your expenses and your potential profits rise. Therefore, all it takes is patience.

Market Realities

The fact that the market is unstable and you are still getting used to it is another factor that contributes to your initial years’ lower earnings from your ULIP. When necessary, you might or might not take chances, preferring to play it safe and missing out on potential opportunities for gains.

Switching Charges

Most insurers will provide you with free fund transfers up to a specific amount. After this point, switching is fee-based, and you must truly balance your prospective earnings against the fees incurred.

Lock-in Period

Before the 5-year lock-in period, you cannot withdraw your money from ULIPs. Even if you cancel your ULIP within five years, you must wait until the lock-in period ends to receive your money.

Lower Death Benefit Compared to Pure Term Insurance

While offering some life insurance cover, ULIPs offer lower death benefits than dedicated term insurance plans for the same premium. ULIPs are more market gain-centred schemes as compared to pure life or term insurance plans.

Active Management

Unlike more straightforward investment options, ULIPs often require active monitoring and switching between funds to optimize returns. You have to keep an eye on the market for better results. It can be time-consuming and may only be suitable for some.

Pros and Cons of Buying ULIP

ULIPs can be a complex financial product, offering both benefits and drawbacks. Here is a breakdown of the pros and cons to help you decide if it is right for you:



Potential for market-linked returns: Unlike traditional life insurance, ULIPs invest a portion of your premium in the stock market, offering the possibility of higher returns.

Exposure to market risk: ULIPs are investment-linked, so your returns can fluctuate with the market. You could potentially lose money if the market performs poorly.

Life insurance cover: ULIPs combine investment with life insurance protection, providing a death benefit to your nominees in case of your untimely demise.

High initial charges: ULIPs typically have high initial charges (front-load) that can eat into your investment significantly in the early years.

Lock-in period: Most ULIPs come with a lock-in period of 5-6 years, during which you cannot withdraw your money without facing surrender charges.

Limited liquidity: Early withdrawals from ULIPs are often subject to surrender charges, making them less liquid than some other investment options.

Transparency and control: Some ULIPs offer investment fund choices, allowing you to tailor your investment strategy to your risk appetite.

Complex product: ULIPs can be complex financial products with various charges and features. Understanding them fully before investing is crucial.

Tax benefits: Premiums paid for ULIPs qualify for tax deductions under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, subject to conditions.

Maturity proceeds taxed: Maturity proceeds from ULIPs are generally taxable if invested for less than 5 years.

Way Forward

Unit-linked insurance Plans provide the best of both worlds: insurance and returns. If you have invested in a ULIP holding a significant share, your funds could earn a higher return if capital markets perform well. If you plan to invest in securities that provide a variety of rewards all in one place, ULIPs are ideal. With thoughtful investment planning, you can avoid the disadvantages of ULIPs and avail yourself of numerous benefits. Always remember to go through both the advantages and disadvantages of ULIP before making a decision.

Key Takeaways

  • ULIPs offer tax benefits, flexible withdrawals, and long-term growth but come with high costs, market risks, and lock-in periods.
  • They are ideal for long-term goals.
  • They thrive on market volatility and generate tax-free income, but short-term gains might be lower.
  • They offer premium redirection and top-up options.
  • You can adapt your investment strategy based on market conditions and goals, but switching funds comes with fees.
  • ULIPs can also be time-consuming and complex due to the various underlying investment plans.

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