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ULIP Returns in 5 Years

A 5-Year ULIP comes with a minimum lock-in period of 5 years, during which partial withdrawals or policy surrenders are generally restricted.

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Investing is like planting seeds for your financial future, with the hope that these investments will grow over time, helping you achieve financial goals and provide security for loved ones. ULIPs stand out in the investment field for offering dual advantages through their unique returns.

Key Takeaways

  • ULIPs offer both life insurance coverage and investment potential in a single product.
  • 5-Year ULIP policy is a specific type of ULIP that restricts withdrawals for the first five years.
  • To suit your goals, you can choose from funds like equity (high risk, high return potential) or debt (low risk, low return potential).
  • ULIP returns are calculated based on the performance of the invested funds, tracked through Net Asset Value (NAV).
  • ULIPs offer tax deductions on premiums and tax-free maturity proceeds under certain conditions.

Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs) have gained popularity as a hybrid financial product combining insurance coverage with investment opportunities. Investors often consider the returns on ULIP investments, especially over a short duration like 5 years.

What is a 5-Year ULIP Policy?

A 5-Year ULIP is a specific type of ULIP that comes with a minimum lock-in period of 5 years. In this lock-in period, policyholders are limited from making partial withdrawals or surrendering the policy.

Like all ULIPs, it offers a combination of life insurance coverage and investment potential. A portion of your premium goes towards providing life cover for your beneficiaries in case of your unfortunate demise during the policy term. The remaining premium is invested in the market-linked funds you chose.

Types of ULIP Plans

ULIPs come in various types, depending on factors such as payable premiums, financial objectives, and fund options. Here are the different types of ULIPs:

Single-Premium ULIPs

Single-premium ULIPs involve a one-time lump-sum payment of the total premium by the policyholder. After the premium has been paid in full, it proceeds smoothly without interruption, as you have made a lump-sum payment for your premium

Regular Premium ULIPs

In these ULIPs, the premium is paid over a specified period, with the frequency of payments agreed upon between the policyholder and the insurer. Payment frequencies can be monthly, bi-annual, or annual.

Equity-fund Based ULIPs

Equity-fund based ULIPs offer high-risk investment options through equity funds. While the risk is higher, the potential returns are also substantial.

Debt-fund Based ULIPs

These ULIPs invest in low-risk instruments such as government securities and corporate bonds. They are suitable for investors with a low-risk appetite who prioritize fund security over the potential for higher returns.

How Does a 5-Year Unit Linked Insurance Plan Work?

Whether you are looking to secure your family’s future or aim to achieve long-term financial goals, understanding how a ULIP for 5 years will help you make the right financial choices.

Premium Payment

In ULIP plans for 5 years, you start by paying regular premiums towards your ULIP returns. The premium amount can be chosen based on your financial goals and risk appetite.

Fund Allocation

You have the flexibility to allocate your premium across different funds offered by the insurance provider. These funds can range from equity-oriented funds with higher risk to debt-oriented funds with lower risk or a combination of both.

Lock-In Period

The 5-year lock-in period means that you cannot withdraw your investments during this time. This restriction is imposed to encourage long-term wealth accumulation.

Fund Performance

The return of ULIP after 5 years depends on the performance of the underlying funds. Since ULIPs are market-linked, your returns can vary based on the performance of the chosen funds.

How are 5-Year ULIP Return Rates Calculated?

The return on a ULIP is determined by the performance of the investment portion of the plan. There is no guaranteed return with ULIPs, and the actual returns will vary depending on the underlying investments. Let us see how 5-year ULIP return rates are calculated:

Investment in Units

When you invest in a ULIP, your premium is divided into two parts. A portion goes towards life insurance coverage, and the remaining amount is invested in units of funds you choose. These funds can be equity, debt, or a balanced mix of both.

Net Asset Value (NAV)

The performance of your ULIP investment is tracked by the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the underlying funds. NAV represents the market value of the fund’s assets minus its liabilities per unit.

NAV = (Total Assets in the Scheme – Total Liabilities in the Scheme) / Total Units Outstanding

So, if the NAV of the fund goes up, the value of your investment increases.

Annualized Returns

Each year, the performance of the funds is reflected in the NAV. To calculate the annual return for a specific year, you can take the difference between the NAV at the beginning and the NAV at the year’s end and then divide that difference by the initial NAV.

Five-Year Return

Once you have the annual returns for five years, you can calculate the total return over the five-year period. This can be done by multiplying the returns year-on-year (1 + year 1 return) * (1 + year 2 return) and so on.

Advantages of Choosing a 5-Year ULIP

From flexibility and tax benefits to the potential for wealth creation, a 5-year ULIP can offer a unique blend of features that cater to the diverse needs of modern investors.

Wealth Creation

ULIPs offer the potential for substantial wealth creation over the long term, thanks to market-linked investments.

Tax Benefits

Premiums paid towards ULIPs are eligible for tax deductions under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, and the maturity proceeds are tax-free under Section 10(10D).


ULIPs provide flexibility in fund allocation, allowing you to switch between funds based on market conditions and your risk tolerance.


ULIPs offer transparency in terms of fund performance, charges, and portfolio updates, allowing you to make informed investment decisions.

Strategies for Maximizing ULIP Returns in 5 Years

While ULIP returns are subject to market volatility and other external factors, investors can adopt certain strategies to maximize returns over 5 years potentially:

Asset Allocation

Diversifying investments across equity, debt, and other asset classes can help mitigate risk and optimize returns. Investors may consider dynamic asset allocation strategies that adjust fund allocation based on market conditions and risk tolerance.

Regular Monitoring And Review

Monitoring the performance of ULIP funds regularly and reviewing investment strategies periodically allows investors to make informed decisions such as fund switches or premium redirection to capitalize on market opportunities.

Optimize Charges

Understanding and minimizing the impact of various charges associated with ULIPs can enhance overall returns. Investors should compare ULIP products from different insurers to identify options with lower charges and better terms.

Stay Invested

Maintaining a long-term perspective and staying invested even during market downturns can potentially yield higher returns over time. Trying to time the market by frequently switching funds may lead to missed opportunities and lower returns.

Concluding Thoughts

Strategic decisions can lead to significant ULIP return in 5 years. It can be an excellent choice for investors looking for a disciplined and long-term approach to financial planning. It combines the benefits of insurance coverage with the potential for wealth creation through market-linked investments.

While considering a 5-year ULIP, it is crucial to assess your financial goals, risk tolerance, and the insurer’s track record. Remember that ULIP returns can be influenced by market fluctuations, so it is essential to have a well-defined investment strategy in place.

FAQs on ULIP Returns in 5 Years


Can I withdraw my ULIP investment before 5 years?

Partial withdrawals or surrendering the ULIP policy before 5 years are restricted due to the minimum lock-in period. However, specific terms and conditions may vary depending on the ULIP plan and the insurer.


What happens to my ULIP investment after 5 years?

After the 5-year lock-in period, you can choose to continue with the ULIP, make partial withdrawals, switch funds, or surrender the policy. The maturity proceeds from ULIPs after 5 years are generally tax-free under Section 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act.


Are ULIP returns guaranteed in 5 years?

No, ULIP returns are not guaranteed as they are subject to market fluctuations. The returns depend on the performance of the chosen funds and prevailing market conditions.


What factors influence ULIP returns over 5 years?

ULIP returns over 5 years are influenced by market performance, the choice of funds (equity, debt, or balanced), and fund management charges. Economic conditions and the performance of the underlying assets also play a significant role.


What is the typical range of ULIP returns over 5 years?

The typical range of ULIP returns over 5 years varies between 8% to 12% annually, depending on the market conditions and the chosen fund type. Higher-risk funds like equities can offer higher returns, while debt funds tend to be more stable.


How does the lock-in period affect ULIP returns?

The lock-in period of 5 years compels investors to stay invested, which can help mitigate short-term market volatility. This period allows the fund to grow without the pressure of premature withdrawals, potentially enhancing long-term returns.

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In this policy, the investment risk in the investment portfolio is borne by the policyholder.

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