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Retirement years are the golden years of life.

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Why Should You Invest in the Kotak Assured Pension?

Invest in Kotak Assured Pension to ensure a stable financial future. This plan offers a regular stream of income on immediate basis or post deferment period for life ensuring a worry-free retirement.

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Planning for a secure and comfortable retirement is crucial for financial foresight. In this pursuit, Kotak Assured Pension emerges as a noteworthy investment option, offering a combination of financial stability and long-term growth.

What is Kotak Assured Pension?

Kotak Assured Pension stands as an annuity plan committed to providing a consistent and dependable income stream either immediately or after a deferred period, ensuring a stress-free retirement for individuals. This pension offering is designed to offer financial security by assuring policyholders of a regular income throughout their lives.

Whether chosen for an immediate payout or after a deferred period, Kotak Assured Pension offers individuals the flexibility to tailor their retirement income according to their specific needs and preferences. This ensures that retirees can enjoy a steady source of funds, allowing them to meet their financial obligations, maintain their lifestyle, and pursue their aspirations during their retirement years.

Eligibility Criteria

Kotak Assured Pension stands out as a comprehensive solution designed to provide individuals with financial stability during their golden years. To embark on this journey, it’s essential to comprehend the eligibility criteria that govern enrollment into this pension.

Entry Age

Primary & Secondary Annuitant


Immediate Annuity Options

Deferred Annuity Options

New / Existing Individual Customers / New Group Customers

45 years

45 years

Policy purchased as QROPS

55 years

55 years – Deferment Period (in years)

Existing Individual KLI Pension Plan Policyholders / Member of Superannuation Fund / Existing Group Customers

18 years

18 years


Annuity Options

Maximum Age at Entry

All Immediate Annuity Options except Option 6b

85 years

Immediate Annuity Option 6b

80 years

Deferred Annuity Options (Option 7 & 10)

70 years

Entry age for Nominees of deceased KLI Pension Plan policyholders (Last Birthday)

Min: 0 years; Max: 99 years (70 years for Deferred Annuity Option 7 & 10)

For nominees of existing pension policyholders,

  • “Lifetime Income with Cash-Back on Death or Critical Illness” shall not be allowed if the Nominee is less than 18 years or is above 80 years

  • Joint Life Annuity Options shall not be allowed if the Nominee is less than 18 years


Min: Any amount that ensures minimum monthly annuity of ₹1000 for the chosen annuity option to an annuitant.

Max: No Limit

Premium Payment Option

Immediate Annuity Options: Single Pay Deferred Annuity Options: Single / Limited / Regular Pay

Premium Payment Term

Single Pay: One-time Payment

Limited Pay:

5 - 9 years (PPT should be less than Deferment Period)

Regular Pay:

5 - 10 years (PPT should be equal to Deferment Period)

Annuity Modes

Yearly, Half-yearly, Quarterly, Monthly

How Does it Work?

Kotak Assured Pension operates as an annuity plan, providing a systematic and comprehensive approach to securing financial stability during one’s retirement years.

Step 1

Decide whether you prefer an Immediate or Deferred Annuity based on your specific needs and financial goals. This initial step allows you to align the annuity plan with your requirements and desired timeline.

Step 2

Select the annuity option that best suits your financial objectives. The diverse annuity options cater to different preferences, ensuring that you can customize your plan to align with your unique circumstances and priorities.

Step 3

For those opting for Deferred Annuity, the next step involves choosing the deferment period. This crucial decision allows you to determine when you wish to start receiving the annuity payouts, providing flexibility in planning for your future financial needs.

Step 4

Tailor the annuity payout frequency according to your preferences. Whether you prefer a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annual payout, this step empowers you to customize the frequency at which you receive your annuity payments.

Step 5

Select both the premium payment term and premium payment frequency that align with your financial capacity and preferences. This step ensures that your annuity plan is structured in a way that suits your unique circumstances, providing you with the flexibility you need.

Step 6

Provide your age and proceed to pay the premium. This final step ensures that you are accurately assessed for the annuity plan, and your premiums are paid per the chosen terms. Your age and premium payment details are essential in determining the specifics of your annuity plan.

Wrapping Up

Choosing to invest in Kotak Assured Pension can be a strategic move towards a secure and fulfilling retirement. As the complexities of retirement planning unfold, Kotak Assured Pension stands as a reliable and comprehensive tool for building a secure future and enjoying the golden years with peace of mind.

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