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Are Deaths Due To Coronavirus Covered by Kotak E-Term Plan?

Term Insurance Quote
  • 14th Dec 2021
  • 542

Are Deaths Due To Coronavirus Covered by Kotak E-Term Plan?

Term insurance is a pure life insurance policy that helps policyholders secure their families in case of their death. Kotak e-Term plan comes up with COVID-19 coverage to repose your faith in term plans. Keep reading to know more about this policy.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused immense stress to people worldwide. Humanity has been facing the challenge of this pandemic bravely and rightfully deserves to get prepared for any calamity.

A term plan with Coronavirus coverage is a timely initiative that has risen to meet the need of an insurance plan promising the coverage of Coronavirus-related fatality to the policyholders. This proactive step, amidst the outbreak of COVID-19 infection, reaffirms people’s faith in buying a good term insurance plan..

COVID-19 is notorious for causing immense physical and mental stress to the patient. And, while recovering from the disease, you may need strict medical supervision. While mild cases get treated at home, severe infections call for hospitalisation for at least 14 days. And what if the Death God arrives! The world has witnessed the mayhem where innumerable people lost their lives despite hospitalisation

The second wave of this pandemic has affected countless families. Many children have lost their parents and vice versa. And losing the sole bread earner of the family is the most unfortunate for the surviving family. Timely monetary help in such time is what we intend to extend to our term plan policyholders.

Kotak E-Term Plan: Answering All the Whys

  • This is the best term insurance plan that offers you coverage against COVID-19 causality at nominal cost.
  • A certified doctor must validate that the death has occurred due to COVID-19. Furthermore, the insurer will investigate and release the compensation to the nominee or the policy beneficiary after confirming all the details.
  • It comes with long-term coverage of up to 75 years, supported with multiple options.
  • In case of demise of the policyholder, even due to COVID-19, 100% of the sum assured is payable. Additional death benefits are also added to the plan.
  • Flexible disbursements
  • Immediate lumpsum payment
  • Levelled recurring payment
  • Increasing recurring payment
  • Reasonable premiums
  • Flexibility in the form of increasing or decreasing the life cover
  • Claim tax deductions up to Rs 1.5 lac per year against the investments made in the policy under Section 80C of The Income Tax Act of 1961.
  • The benefits are tax-exempt under section 10 (10D) of the Income Tax Act.

Add Riders to Enhance Your Cover

Being a term insurance plan, Kotak e-term Plan offers a death benefit to the policyholders at a reasonable cost. However, you can add riders to your policy to enhance your cover, such as;

  • Permanent Disability Cover
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Accidental Death Cover

Buy Kotak e-Term Plan Online

If you are dazed by the global COVID-19 mayhem, iron out your indecisiveness over buying the right term policy.  Kotak e-Term plan is the much-needed fiscal shield for your family. Being an e-term plan, you can easily buy this policy online by filling out the online form, choosing your cover and premium, making the payment and receiving the policy in your email. You can also select the frequency of paying premiums monthly or yearly as per your convenience.

- A Consumer Education Initiative series by Kotak Life

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