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10 Preventative Measures for Diabetes

Learn more about the important preventive measures for a diabetes patient. To know more about health insurance tips for diabetes, Visit Now!

  • Jan 12, 2021

Your lifestyle and nutrition choices influence your susceptibility to critical ailments like diabetes. As per the World Health Organization, India ranks first among the countries with the highest number of diabetic patients. There are approximately 50.8 million diabetic patients in India, with only 11% of them owning health insurance.

Diabetes is a silent killer that negatively impacts your health if not treated in time. However, if you are a diabetic patient who undertakes necessary precautions, you can considerably reduce the symptoms and stay in better control of your health. Since diabetes is a lifestyle disease, your eating habits and the kind of workout routines you follow along with lifestyle habits will directly impact your health.

This article explains ten highly effective and beneficial measures that can significantly improve your health conditions if you are suffering from diabetes. But, before diving into the details, it is only fair to understand what this disease actually means!

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is an ailment where the body’s blood sugar level becomes higher than normal. When your body functions normally, it converts the food that you eat into glucose, which then enters the body cells with the help of a hormone called insulin made by the pancreas. When insulin fails to perform its function, the sugar level increases in your body, thus creating an imbalance.

10 preventive measures for diabetes

Ten Preventive Measures for Diabetes

  • Exercise regularly to keep the blood sugar level in control
  • Enhanced physical activity promotes the body cells’ insulin responses and helps to regulate its production in the body.

  • Cut down the intake of refined and sugary food items from your diet
  • Diabetes pertains to your body’s inability to process sugar. If you have a family history of diabetes, it will be better to reduce your sugar intake at an early age as a precaution.

  • Keep your blood pressure under control
  • Maintaining a healthy weight and a balanced diet can help keep blood pressure in check. However, if you fail to control it with lifestyle changes, seek medical advice as high BP is a major cause of diabetes and a host of other health issues.

  • Reduce obesity to prevent insulin resistance
  • Excessive body fat promotes insulin resistance and leads to inflammation around the abdominal glands. This increases the risk of diabetes.

  • Limit alcohol intake
  • Excessive alcohol consumption causes obesity, which increases triglyceride levels and blood pressure, thereby contributing to diabetes.

  • Switch to a low-carb diet to keep the sugar intake low
  • As diabetes is directly linked to insulin production and utilisation by the body, it is advisable to consider a diet that helps the body demand less insulin to function.

  • Drink tea and coffee
  • These beverages are rich in antioxidants like polyphenols that help prevent diabetes. Also, it is advisable to avoid sugar in your tea/coffee.

  • Go for regular health check-ups
  • Monitoring your health is a good way to keep a tab on your blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure levels.

  • Quit smoking
  • Smokers are more likely to become diabetic than non-smokers.

  • Say NO to processed food and takeaway
  • Try to cook your meals at home using fresh ingredients and cut your dependence on processed and restaurant food by choosing healthier alternatives.

Health Insurance for Diabetic Patients

It’s no secret that there is no cure for diabetes, but a few changes in your lifestyle and eating patterns can help you control its negative effects. However, being one of the most commonly found diseases in India, it has become a great concern for those who have to take regular insulin injections. It is under such circumstances that health insurance policies come into play.

Naturally, such policies have frequently asked questions, such as:

1. Can a diabetic person buy term plan?

2. Is term insurance provided in India for diabetic people?

3. Is the premium for diabetic term insurance high?

Addressing the first two questions - Yes, diabetic patients can buy term plans, and numerous insurance providers across the country offer health plans for them. Health insurance for diabetic patients is not just a stress reliever but also a lifesaver in times of need. Considering the steep healthcare costs, buying health insurance is a responsible decision.

However, if you have diabetes, your insurer will consider it as a pre-existing ailment when you apply for health insurance. A pre-existing disease is a medical condition that is present for up to 48 months from a health insurance policy’s starting date. This brings you to the third question “Is the premium for diabetic term insurance high”, and the answer is yes. This is because the chances of you claiming your insurance increases when you already have an ailment.

One noteworthy fact is that health plans covering pre-existing conditions like diabetes require a few years waiting period before reimbursing medical expenses related to the illness. Hence, the best approach to get financial cover against diabetes-related health problems is to know what is diabetes insurance plan, buy it, and continue maintaining a healthy lifestyle through the waiting period.

Diabetes often leads to further health complications, such as:

  • Liver disease
  • Heart problems
  • Stroke
  • Nerve damage

Such disorders need quality medical care, and Kotak Health Shield can safeguard you against the financial repercussions of medical emergencies arising out of such health issues.


If you or either of your parents has diabetes, you should get a health insurance policy. With a little patience regarding the terms and conditions of pre-existent diseases, you can remain stress-free, which can help improve your health condition. With no worries about the resources for treatments, you can work towards a healthier lifestyle.

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