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Can Senior Citizens Avail Term Insurance?

Assurance that your ageing parents will receive proper care in the future is the benefit of the coverage that gives you peace of mind.

  • 3,029 Views | Updated on: Feb 28, 2024

It is no secret that old age carries with it challenges that one does not look forward to. However, being well-prepared for it is always an option. To enjoy a pleasant and peaceful retirement life with your loved ones while also providing for them in your absence, term insurance for senior citizens proves to be highly beneficial.

There is a lot of ambiguity about life insurance for senior citizens and its many elements. In this article, we will walk you through them for a better understanding.

Why term insurance for senior citizens?

Indians are well renowned for being very family-oriented individuals. Even as we get older, we do not stop caring for our kids and assume responsibility for their welfare. One’s own future and financial security could be at risk during this, though. Here is why term insurance for senior citizens is essential.

Supports Dependent

If a senior citizen passes away and leaves behind a non-earning spouse and dependent children, they will be left with a financial burden. Senior life insurance will guarantee that there is enough money to support the family’s independent living.

Helps Supplement Income

People who can’t afford to retire by 60 continue to work long after the official retirement age. The financial vulnerability may result from the family’s unexpected lack of income if the breadwinners are absent. Therefore, it is best to create a sound contingency plan to make up for any lost income in your absence if you anticipate needing to work past the age of 60.

Pay off Debts and Liabilities

You wouldn’t want to leave your family with debt as your inheritance. If you have life insurance, the funds can be used by your family to settle any outstanding debt. They may also be used for costs associated with a death in the family, such as funeral and hospital bills.

Term Plan for Senior Citizens

Today, senior citizens can avail of term life insurance as insurers have revised the age brackets to make way for such buys. Term insurance is a basic form of insurance where you provide coverage to your family during the policy term. If the insured person loses their life during the term, the beneficiaries receive the insurance amount. Term insurance for senior citizens is a valuable financial tool for anyone who has dependents or has other financial liabilities that need repayment. Senior citizens should opt for such policies to leave a certain amount for their children, cover any debts they might carry, or ensure complete coverage of their loved ones’ daily expenses.

Situations to Consider Before Buying Term Insurance For Senior Citizens

Purchasing life insurance for elderly individuals, as opposed to purchasing it when you are younger, is fraught with uncertainty and higher premium rates. A term insurance plan for senior citizens can prove to be a helpful instrument for you and your loved ones in the event of any of the following scenarios:

1.Existing Financial Responsibilities

During your retirement years, it is quite possible to still encounter any outstanding mortgages or debts. Your loved ones, in the event of your death, will bear these debts. To save your family from being stressed in such a circumstance, a senior citizen’s life insurance policy can prove to be their saviour.

2.The Final Gesture of Love for Your Spouse

Your unshakable relationship with your spouse is the pinnacle of your golden years. For the latter portion of your life, living in solitude with your better half is the greatest joy. Nevertheless, you would like to ensure that your spouse has the necessary funds and resources to be independent and lead the life you planned together, even if you are gone. A senior citizen life insurance policy can help you secure your future.

3.Guaranteed Support for Your Children

One of the most common demographic trends nowadays is that more and more individuals are delaying marriage. Couples delay starting a family at the same time. This tendency has resulted in an unprecedented circumstance: by the time parents reach the age of 60, their children are still in college and require financial support. A term insurance plan for senior citizens will allow your children to spread their wings and live life to its fullest.

Thing to Consider Before Buying Term Insurance For Senior Citizens

1.Age Bracket

The entry limit to buy a term plan is 18 years. However, elderly people between the ages of 55 and 65 can also now obtain a senior citizen life insurance policy.

2.Premium to Age Ratio

Premium rates depend on one’s age at the time of purchase. So, if you decide to acquire a term plan later in life, you will have to pay higher premium rates.

3.Maturity Benefits

One advantage of purchasing a senior citizen life insurance policy is that the maximum maturity benefits can last up to 80 - 85 years.

4.Coverage Term

With options like whole life cover, you can be covered and secured till 99 years of age or for your whole life.

Things to remember about term life insurance for senior citizens

Term insurance is crucial for seniors to buy. Today’s fast-paced life is full of roles and responsibilities, but it is also unpredictable. Here are some points to remember about term life insurance for senior citizens.

The cost of the premium typically increases with age. The benefits, however, frequently outweigh the costs.

The average age limit for purchasing a term plan is 60, though this varies with every plan. These days, senior citizens-focused plans are available.

You must undergo medical tests, according to many insurers. However, a medical history is sufficient for some people.

Today’s online processes make it simpler than ever for senior adults to purchase term insurance. To determine which insurance plan is best for you, you can shop around. You can then apply and make a payment online. After the insurance has been approved, the insurer will send you the necessary paperwork.

Senior citizens are no longer only eligible for term plans but can also greatly benefit from them thanks to the information from various insurance plans. They have devoted their entire lives to providing for their families, so they merit the opportunity to take advantage of retirement.

Wrapping Up

To summarise, life insurance for senior citizens is no longer a strange idea! You can now take advantage of the benefits these plans have to offer and lead a financially stable, peaceful and stress-free life. What are you waiting for? Opt for the right term insurance and safeguard your parents now.

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