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Why Should You Not Take A Term Plan Without Medical Test in India?

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Why Should You Not Take A Term Plan Without Medical Test in India?

Term insurance is a necessity in today’s fast paced world where we compete almost every day to stay relevant and ready for the next opportunity. Also, the uncertain nature of life is a factor to consider for getting a term insurance.

Healthcare services are becoming more and more expensive and getting quality treatment is even more difficult. With all this in mind, if someday an unfortunate incident occurs, you should be in a position to still support your family in your absence. That is exactly where a term insurance comes into the picture. Term insurance plans provide death benefits that support your family financially even after you.

In this article,. We will focus on why you should not buy a term insurance without doing a proper medical test. Alongside, we will also understand term insurance benefits.

Term Insurance without Medical Test

To avail a term insurance policy, you will generally have to give a medical test. A medical test gives your insurer a clear idea of your health quotient and your premium will depend on how clean a chit you get from your medical practitioner. If you have a family history of certain diseases or if you are suffering from any ailment at the time of policy issuance, your premium amount will rise. You could additionally opt for multiple riders like critical illness rider, personal accident rider, a permanent disability rider, and the so on. These insurance riders will take care of the parameters that are not included in your original policy.

Almost every term insurance provider will ask you to take a medical test before issuing you a policy. However, there are a fraction of them who will not ask you to take a medical test. This also depends on your age and the sum assured. Some providers offer term insurance without medical test in India if the maximum sum assured does not exceed INR 1 crore. Such term insurance providers usually take your medical history over a call and issue your policy, especially if you are a healthy person. Considering the amount of cover you need and your age, some providers forgo the test. This can help you save expenses of medical tests.

There are multiple aggregator websites that allow you to compare many different policies online. You can segregate the list based on which of them offer you a term insurance without medical test. It is important to read all the fine prints properly before choosing any policy provider, especially if you are going for a provider offering term insurance without medical test.


Buying a Term Insurance Plan without Medical Examination

Many insurance companies ask their potential customers to take a medical test before buying a term plan. A medical test will help the insurer decide the right premium for the cover desired by the policy buyer based on his/her ailments or illnesses. Most insurers will ask you to take a medical test, but opting out of it might not be a choice given by every insurer.

If an insurer recommends you take a medical test before purchasing the policy, then the policy could have certain terms and conditions, in case, you were to opt out of the test. A lot of insurance companies might not ask for such examinations if you are in your early 20s or 30s with zero lifestyle habits.

Suppose you go for an insurance company that does not mandate a medical test, check the terms and conditions carefully.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Term Plan without Taking a Medical Test

While purchasing a term insurance policy without taking a medical test, make sure that you do not hide any health condition or a lifestyle habit from the insurer. This information remains confidential and will not be revealed to anyone. It is essential to disclose any information about your illnesses or habits to the insurance company. In the future, if God forbid, if something unfortunate happens to you due to an undisclosed illness, your family will not be eligible to make a death claim.

The insurer can increase your premium due to your smoking habit or disease but at least the death benefit claim will not be declined. The solution to higher premium rates is getting premium quotes from various companies and choosing the term plan from a reputed insurer offering affordable premiums.

Why Medical Test Is Important for Term Insurance?

Many insurance companies do not ask you for any medical test before issuing you a policy, but is that the right approach. We recommend that you do not go for such policies. A medical test should be mandatory for everyone who is buying a term insurance. The aim of term insurance is to provide your family with a financial blanket in case something unfortunate happens with you.

A medical test will reveal a few important ailments, deficiencies or other problems which you might not be aware of. It will also allow the insurer to include these factors before deciding a premium for you. This will benefit your family in the long run as you will be covered for all of the factors. Disclose habits like smoking so that the insurer can take the right step while setting up your policy.

Disadvantages of opting out of a Medical Examination

Lesser Coverage

If you opt out of a medical test, the chances are you will end up with a lesser cover. This might not be sufficient for your family’s well-being; in case something happens to you.

Higher Premium

If the insurer is not aware of your medical conditions/history, chances are they will charge you a higher premium to safeguard their risk. Your premium is decided on the risk perspective you come with while buying a term insurance. If you do not disclose any medical history, you might have to pay a higher premium.

Claim Rejection

If you do not disclose your medical history or lifestyle habits, and those ailments and habits cause an unfortunate event, the insurance company will straight-away reject your family’s claim.

Term insurance policies have a sole objective of providing the support to your family when you might not be around. If you compromise on giving even the smallest information related to your health, your family might not get a desired and deserving cover after your death. Therefore, a medical test should be mandatory while you are buying a term insurance.

Benefits of Term Insurance Plans

Term insurance come with a set of benefits that you must know. Here we share a few of them with you. Do take a look:

Affordable Premiums

As term insurance has no cash value unlike other life insurance policies, the premium is affordable for almost everyone.

Income Tax Benefits

Along with affordable premium, you can also avail income tax benefits. The premium and death benefit are considered under Section 80C and Section 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Death Benefit

In case something happens to you unfortunately, during the policy term, the sum assured or the death benefit would be given to the beneficiary to secure their finances, mostly family.

Survival Benefit

A term plan does not have any maturity or survival benefit, unless you buy Return of Premium Plan (TROP). You get your premiums back in case you survive your policy term.

Rider Benefits

Riders are add-ons that can be combined with your term policy to maximize the coverage. Some rider benefits available are critical illness rider, accidental death rider, permanent disability rider and many more that are offered by insurers.


  1. 1. Can I buy term insurance without medical tests?

  2. Yes, you can buy a term insurance plan without a medical test, but it comes with a set of repercussions discussed in this article.

  3. 2. What is a medical test in term insurance?

  4. A medical test in a term insurance plan is conducted by the insurance company to gauge the health of the applicant. This test usually includes a blood test, urine test, ECG or EKG test, etc. In addition to this, the insurance company may also request some tests as per your unique health conditions.

  5. 3. Why is a medical test important for a term plan?

A medical test in a term plan allows insurance provider to determine your risk. The more health issues a person has, the higher are the chances of needing medical attention and filing claims. This increases the risk perception for the insurance company. On the other hand, a healthy applicant will likely make fewer claims, reducing the risk perception. A medical test allows insurance providers to understand the optimal amount of cover needed for each customer.

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