10 Ways to Get Your Kids Involved in Your Healthy Lifestyle

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10 Ways to Get Your Kids Involved in Your Healthy Lifestyle

10 Ways to Get Your Kids Involved in Your Healthy Lifestyle
  • 29th Aug 2022 |
  • 2,442

You must be aware that as a parent with your genes, you also pass on many of your habits to your children. Your kids pick both your good and bad habits. So, you must take all the necessary steps to teach healthy habits to kids. Showing your kids that you care about them by sharing the tips for a healthy lifestyle will make them more comfortable sharing things with you and make them more obedient to you.

Here are the 10 healthy habits for kids that you must inculcate in their lifestyle for a happy and fit future.

Ten healthy habits for kids that you must teach your kids about

To make sure that your kids remain involved in a lifestyle that is best for them in their growth years, these 10 healthy habits for kids are something that you as a parent must inculcate and teach your kids:

1. More colors in meals

Make sure that your kids eat more colors in their meals. More colors mean they must include vegetables and fruits of different colors in their daily diet. On the one hand, eating food that looks monotonous is no fun for your kids; on the other hand, meals that have more colorful fruits and vegetables are rich in various vitamins and minerals essential for your children in their growth years. This does not mean that every meal has to be multicolored, but an effort to include more colors in a meal is always reasonable.

2. Timely eating (Never miss breakfast)

Ensuring your child takes their due meals on time is essential because the body needs regular food for complete growth. So, you must teach them to express their hunger and be punctual at meal tables. This will ensure that your kids continue to follow this habit even later in life.

3. Hygiene is important

Teaching your kids about personal hygiene like regularly washing hands, keeping the clothes clean, putting the dirty clothes in the laundry bag, taking a shower daily, and maintaining an organized wardrobe and clean room not only develops a sense of cleanliness and hygiene in them but also protects them from infections and keeps the diseases at bay.

4. Be active physically (more outdoor than indoor)

Not every child is the same. Some kids might not like engaging in physical activities, while some might be more into indoor activities or shy in interacting with others. However, if your kids see you being more physically active and enjoying it, they will be motivated to try and open up. Physical activities help strengthen your kids’ bones and muscles in their growth years and also boost mental health.

5. Read & write daily

Habits like reading and writing are a great way to improve your child’s communication skills. This will not only help them perform better in school but also allow them to express their feelings better and build good relations with family, friends, and peers.

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6. Drink water, not soft drinks

The habit of packaged foods and drinks is adversely impacting children’s health these days. Teach your child the practice of drinking water over soft drinks or other aerated or packaged drinks. This will help them develop healthy eating habits outside the home. Moreover, drinking water helps regulate the temperature and bodily fluids, helping transport vitamins and minerals through the body.

7. Know your food - Checks labels

It is important to tell your kids about the importance of what they are eating and how it will impact their health. The best way is to teach them to read the level on their food package. This will help them understand what they are eating and how it benefits or harms their health. For younger kids, you can read the labels in front of them before giving the food to them.

8. Spend time with family and friends

Spending time with family and friends helps your child develop various social skills and also develop a healthy family bond. Skills like social bonding, communication, cooperation, honesty, problem-solving, etc., are essential for the overall growth of your children.

9. Have a go-getter, positive attitude

You must always encourage your child to accomplish any task that is allocated to them. Small or significant, no matter what, your children must develop a go-getter attitude. This will help them in the development of a positive attitude in life.

10. Take responsibility

You must allocate small tasks of responsibilities to your children. They might find it challenging to do most of the household chores on their own; however, age-appropriate activities like watering the plants every day, cleaning their bookshelf, folding clothes, making their bed, etc., can be manageable for them. Such activities will help them develop a sense of responsibility and improve their self-confidence.


It is important to consider teaching the above-mentioned essential healthy lifestyle activities for kids. This will not only help them in their growth years but also in the development of beneficial and healthy habits that will stay lifelong with them. In addition, healthy lifestyle activities for kids are a key to their curricular and co-curricular activities and help them become intelligent and self-dependent humans.

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