7 Secrets that can Make Your Post-Retirement Phase Prosperous

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7 Secrets that can Make Your Post-Retirement Phase Prosperous

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  • 30th Nov 2021
  • 287

7 Secrets that can Make Your Post-Retirement Phase Prosperous


Worried about your old age? Well, this article can be a contribution to changing your life for the good. Keep reading to know about the 7 secrets that can make your life long and prosperous.


Life is full of uncertainties and memorable journeys. But seldom have we heard positively of the old age. Why is there a phobia for the post-retirement phase? Proper planning can help you sail through the ups and downs of life effortlessly.

Here are the secrets that can make your retirement joyful.

1) Plan your Retirement Funds

In order to lead a happy and prosperous life post-retirement, you must plan your retirement corpus from an early age. Naturally, you can build a corpus by saving your earnings. But it is not enough to rely only on the saved money. This also helps you to build passive income.

To your aid, there are various investment options that you can tap into. Here’s a list of popular investments:

a) PPF Investments (Tax benefit up to Rs. 1.50 lakhs per year).

b) Mutual Funds/SIPs – Distribute between equity and debt based on risk profile.

c) Life Insurance – along with investment plan (Tax benefit up to Rs. 1.50 lakhs per year).

d) Pension Plans (Tax benefit up to Rs. 1.50 lakhs per year).

e) NPS (National Pension Scheme - Tax benefit up to Rs. 1.50 lakhs per year).

2) Aim for a Debt-Free Retirement

Prioritize your assets and liabilities with age. Close to the retirement age, people already have so many liabilities, including- Higher education of their children

a)Marriage Funds

b)Medical Bills, etc.

c)Hence, it is important to stay debt-free during this phase of your life. It’s even better if you can survive without a credit card. Repayment of debts requires a steady flow of income. It is thus very important to match both sides of the equation.

3) Health is Wealth

A general misconception prevails in society that older adults are always medically unfit. However, the second wave of the recent pandemic has proven that the young generation is as prone to illnesses as the elderly. A recent example is the painful demise of Siddharth Shukla.

Hence, it is important to do regular exercise, eat healthy food and get a regular health check-up. Yoga is the biggest healthcare science that originated in India. Practising this ancient art regularly, can enchant your health. Also, you can opt for a Mediclaim Policy. It can help you get full body check-ups for free and reduce the burden on your pockets when you fall sick.

4) Contribute to the Society

As you grow older, you gain expertise in multiple fields. Instead of becoming a couch potato post-retirement as many people do, you can share your experience with the young generations, carry out social work and even do some charity. Sharing the treasure of your life journey can benefit society in innumerable ways.

5) Intellectual Curiosity

Alzheimer’s is more than just an old age disease. It’s the kind of disease that the family and caretakers suffer in unison with the patient. Statistics confirm that there are over 44 million people suffering from this disease at present. Keeping your intellectual curiosity alive can help you keep this disease at bay.

6) Play Outdoor Sports

As the saying in India goes, “stagnant water perishes.” Remaining active can boost your metabolism, give you a healthy and long life, and reduce your medical expenditure. Playing outdoor sports can cover this for you and can also help you build your social network.

7) Work on a Part-Time Basis

Retirement from full-time work doesn’t mean staying idle. You can take up part-time activities to keep yourself involved. You can also volunteer for government initiatives as well as follow your long-lost passions in your leisure time.

Retiring from your job doesn’t mean that you stop living. People that leave hope and keep saying that their life is over, never cherish their old age. Planning for this phase properly and living life to the fullest can make it a memorable and worth-living-for experience.

- A Consumer Education Initiative series by Kotak Life

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