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    Kotak e-Term Plan

    Kotak e-Term Plan is a pure term plan that provides a high level of protection to your loved ones in your absence.

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    Kotak e-Invest is a comprehensive Unit Linked Life Insurance Plan that can be customized as per your goals and needs - be it protection; investment; financial security for child or retirement planning.

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    Kotak Guaranteed Savings Plan

    Kotak Guaranteed Savings Plan is a savings and protection plan that helps you achieve long-term financial goals and insurance cover against any eventuality.

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    Kotak Lifetime Income Plan

    Kotak Lifetime Income Plan gives you the assurance of your income continuing throughout your life and in your absence throughout the lifetime of your spouse!

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    Kotak Health Shield

    The Kotak Health Shield Plan helps secure your finances in times of sudden medical expenses related to illness such as Cardiac, Liver, Neuro and Cancer (all early and major stages of illness /conditions of Cancer); along with offering protection for Personal Accident - in case of accidental death or disability.


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Managing Your Retirement Income with an insured retirement plan

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  • 15th Nov 2016
  • 8,251

Managing Your Retirement Income with an insured retirement plan

Is it possible to live a financially independent life, even after you retire?

Make way for a life that is shorn of tensions of deadlines and presentations and all that comes with a working lifestyle. Just live every moment to the fullest, reminiscing over content past. Welcome to retirement!

What is Retirement

Retirement is the stage in life where you stops employment completely.

In simple terms, retirement means never working again. This can be true in many of the cases. For others, retirement simply means leaving your current job or profession - but wish to continue working in a different area.

It is all about realising your dreams, without worrying about bill payments. You want to have an enjoyable life after working all those years.

What is Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is the process of determining your lifestyle post your retirement age. This includes managing your income sources, expenses, saving programs, managing assets etc. Through retirement planning, you achieve financial independence after the age of retirement.

It is all about ensuring you have the funds to pay for what you want to do. So that you enjoy your lifestyle no matter what.

With Kotak Life Insurance you can consider it a reality. It brings to you retirement investment plans that give you the assurance of regular stream of income throughout your lifetime to lead a care-free life. Choose the right retirement plan that suits your life today and your aspirations for your life later for a truly happy life!

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