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Kotak SmartLife Plan

A Limited Pay Non-Linked Participating Life Insurance plan

You earn and work hard to accomplish your dreams and aspirations at every stage of life. In this journey, you will come across some unexpected financial commitments as well as planned ones like marriage; child education etc. During your golden years of retirement when income earning capacity reduces, it becomes even more difficult to fulfill these dreams and aspirations.

What if you have a support that will not only help you in fulfilling your dreams but will also take care of your near and dear ones in case you are not around …

To support you in this journey, Kotak Life proudly presents “Kotak SmartLife Plan”, a limited pay participating endowment plan which will provide you option either to receive Cash bonus payouts every year right from the end of 1st policy year onwards to take care of interim financial requirements or utilize such Cash bonuses for accumulating and creating a corpus to fulfill bigger goals and plan for a stress-free life.

Key Features

  • Offers Protection

    Offers protection up to the age of 75 years

  • Convenience of choosing Bonus options

    Convenience of choosing Bonus options: Cash Payout or Paid-Up Addition

  • Bonus Option

    Avail chosen Bonus option from end of 1st policy year onwards

  • Additional Protection Rider

    Additional protection through optional riders on payment of additional premium


  • Entry Age of Life Insured (as on last birthday)

    • Minimum:
    • 3 years
    • Maximum:
    • 50 years – 6 & 15 pay
    • 55 years – 8& 10 pay
    • 54 years – 12 pay

  • Maturity Age of Life Insured (as on last birthday)

    • 75 years
  • Policy Term

    • 75 years less Entry Age of Life Insured
  • Basic Sum Assured

    • Minimum: Rs. 2,50,000
    • Maximum: No limits, but it will be subject to Underwriting
  • Premium Levels

    • Minimum:
    • 6 Pay : Rs. 40,120
    • 8 Pay : Rs. 30,955
    • 10 Pay : Rs. 26,175
    • 12 Pay : Rs. 22,778
    • 15 Pay : Rs. 19,505
    • Maximum:
    • No Limits, subject to Underwriting acceptance

  • Premium Payment Term

    • 6, 8, 10, 12 and 15 years
  • Premium Payment Mode

    • Yearly, Half yearly, Quarterly, Monthly
  • Premium Modal Factor

    • Yearly – 100% , Half yearly – 51% , Quarterly – 26% , Monthly – 8.8%

Additional Protection with Optional Riders

  • Kotak Term Benefit Rider

    In case of death of the life insured, rider sum assured will be paid in addition to the death benefit under the base plan.

  • Kotak Accidental Death Benefit Rider

    In case of accidental death of life insured, rider sum assured will be paid along with death benefit under base plan.

  • Kotak Permanent Disability Benefit Rider

    In case of life insured being permanently disabled due to accident, benefit is paid in installments.

  • Kotak Life Guardian Benefit Rider

    In case of death of policyholder (if different from Life Insured), outstanding premiums are waived and paid by Kotak Life Insurance.

  • Kotak Critical Illness Plus Benefit Rider

    Rider Sum Assured shall be paid in part or whole, in case the Life Insured is diagnosed with any of the 37 Critical Illnesses (subject to terms and conditions)

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Read about Tax benefits & Plan Disclaimer

Tax Benefits:

You may avail of tax benefits under Section 80C and Section 10(10D) of Income Tax Act, 1961 subject to conditions as specified in those sections. Tax laws are subject to amendments from time to time. Customer is advised to take an independent view from tax consultant. Goods and Services Tax and Cess as applicable shall be levied over and above premium amount shown here as per applicable tax laws.

Terms & Conditions:

Kotak SmartLife Plan UIN: 107N102V02, Form No: N102, Kotak Term Benefit Rider UIN: 107B003V03, Form No.: B003, Kotak Accidental Death Benefit Rider UIN: 107B001V03, Form No.: B001, Kotak Permanent Disability Benefit Rider UIN: 107B002V03, Form No.: B002, Kotak Critical Illness Plus Benefit Rider UIN: 107B020V01, Form No.: B020, Kotak Life Guardian Benefit Rider UIN: 107B012V02, Form No.: B012, Kotak Accidental Disability Guardian Benefit Rider UIN: 107B011V02, Form No: B011. Ref. No.: KLI/19-20/E-WEB/500

This is a Savings-cum-Protection oriented Participating Endowment plan. Benefits under this plan are dependent upon the performance of the participating Funds. Please note that Bonuses are NOT guaranteed and may be declared by the company from time to time. For sub-standard lives, extra premium may be charged based on Kotak Life Insurance’s underwriting policy. This website content only gives the salient features of the plan. For more details on risk factors, terms and conditions please read the sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale. For more details on riders please read the Rider Brochure.


IRDAI is not involved in activities like selling insurance policies, announcing bonus or investment of premiums. Public receiving such phone calls are requested to lodge a police complaint.

Regn. No.:107, CIN: U66030MH2000PLC128503;

Regd. Office:

8th Floor, Plot # C- 12, G- Block,

BKC, Bandra (E), Mumbai – 400051.



Toll Free No:1800-209-8800Trade Logo displayed above belongs to Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited and is used by Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance Company Ltd under license.

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