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A career as a Life Advisor who Earns From Home

At Kotak Life, we nurture your entrepreneurial spirit to enable you to set up your own business right from the comfort of your home. As a Life Advisor, you will experience a work culture which is informal, flexible and economically stable. You will get the opportunity to earn from home at every stage, enhance your learning opportunities and enjoy multiple avenues for lateral and vertical career growth.


Who can become a Life Advisor?

Can you face challenges with confidence and go out of your way to achieve your dreams? If yes, then you’re on the right path to become a successful Life Advisor. Watch the video to know more.

  • Kotak - Life Advisor Connect

    Pride, earnings and recognition – we see a power in you to achieve it all. Go Zindagi and explore a

  • Kotak - Life Advisor Connect - For Housewives

    You have been an equal contributor at home all this while.

  • Kotak - Life Advisor Connect - Referral Program

    Reach out to ambitious and talented people you know.

  • Kotak - Life Advisor Connect - For Retired Individuals

    You made the right decisions until your retirement.

Why become a Life Advisor?

Being a Life Advisor is your first step towards a bright and fulfilling career. It not only offers you abundant earning potential, but also lets you build a stable and successful career.

Be your own Boss

There is no greater satisfaction than working on your own terms. As a Life Advisor, you have the flexibility to work whenever you like from wherever you like. You can choose to work full-time or part-time as per your needs. Moreover, if you wish to make a good living while spending ample time with your friends and family, working at Kotak Life Insurance is a good decision. Your time and performance will shape your insurance career in the long term.

Perfomance of Balanced Fund

Get high income with zero investment

For a successful life insurance career the only investment required is time. No start-up capital is necessary. One can get started easily to explore limitless earning potential. You will earn an attractive commission with every policy sold, and also earn royalties in the form of renewal commissions every year. Here’s an illustration to depict what you could be earning.

Performance of Frontline Equity Fund

Empower your self with training and support

You don't have to be an expert in finance to be a successful Life Advisor. Once you embark on the journey, we will help you achieve your goals. Our training programmes will equip your with sound knowledge of the domain. You can trust our experienced facilitators to give you continuous support at every step of your learning process. If you need a place to meet your clients, you can utilise our office premises to clinch the deal.

Performance of Kotak Opportunities fund in Equity

Choose an alternate career path

Our emphasis on cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit provides you with multiple avenues for lateral growth. Successful advisors who wish to change their career path can also switch to other full-time job functions such as Sales, Operations or Training. By joining Kotak Life Insurance, you can be assured of a career that lets you identify new opportunities in different arena, explore new avenues and grow professionally.

Performance of Kotak Aggressive Growth Fund

Enjoy rewards and Recognition

Being a Life Advisor comes with many add-on benefits. Your performance can take you on tours across the country and the world. The regional, national and international sales meets will let you interact and network with fellow colleagues and potential clients. You may also be rewarded with fabulous gifts like vacations, cars and home appliances, along with your regular commission earnings.


KLI's Support to build your career

Kotak Life Insurance offers you ample opportunities to let you achieve your career goals.

  • Best-in class products

    • Offer a wide range of products to suit all stages of life
  • Simple process

    • Enjoy smooth process for login and remuneration, and efficient claim settlement
  • Customer support

    • Benefit from dedicated client service desk and online portal
  • IT assistance

    • Get dedicated Partner Portal and Genie sales automation tool
  • Marketing & promotion

    • Boost your sales with marketing collaterals
  • Expert training

    • Attend customised training modules and certification programs

Success stories

More success stories

Seemaben Bipinbhai Gamit Surat

Seemaben was happy working as a Senior KG teacher and had little interest in the field of life insurance. Even after a briefing on becoming a Life Advisor from one of Kotak Life’s sales managers, Seemaben flatly refused to indulge in any kind of insurance business. Only after a little nudge from her husband did she attend a few seminars and undergo training. Despite this, she wasn't really prepared for it, until she appeared for the IRDAI Life Advisor exam and achieved second place, which excited her.

She performed consistently for a year, but when her natural market exhausted, she hardly had a client base to attend to and this dejected her quite a bit. But, after renewed motivation from her New Sales Manager and the Branch Manager, she felt confident and sprung back with renewed vigour. She was inspired to work hard after looking at the other lady employees, who managed to work efficiently and smartly. Soon enough, she began attending all meetings and taking interest in her work.

She qualified for the prestigious 51 Club and Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) in 2006 and continued this success in 2007 and 2008 as well. Despite a severe accident in 2009 that had her resting with multiple fractures, she did not give up and immediately fought back with 50 policies in December. Thus, she qualified for the international sales convention in Singapore. After being a part of KLI, Seemaben's life has completely turned around. Her confidence levels have soared and she now looks forward to working hard and achieving a lot more in life. She wishes to tell her fellow Life Advisors to focus on their work 100% as only then can they achieve what they truly desire. As for her, she hopes to continue working with passion and moving ahead in life.


Padmavathi S. Chennai

Padmavathi joined KLI while she was a director at Kalgan Consultants Pvt. Ltd., which engaged in providing tax consultancy to various clients. Hence, it made good business sense to join KLI as a Life Advisor and offer financial security and tax savings solutions to her clients.

Being a part of the KLI family has helped her to improve not only the business but her standard of living as well. She can now easily satisfy her luxury needs along with managing her daily household expenses. KLI has provided a strong support system for her throughout, right from getting a license to joining Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT). Since joining, she has been a part of the Platinum Club and has visited Jaipur and Goa for conclaves.

Her message to her fellow LAs is simple: to progress one needs to be honest with the client as well as with oneself. She feels that to become a successful LA one needs to pitch the right products to the right clients based on their capacity and requirements. Padmavathi now aims at qualifying for MDRT at least every year.


Leela Rajeev Trivandrum

Leela, who is a graduate in economics and a post graduate in business administration, says that Kotak Life Insurance happened to her by chance. After being mis-sold a policy, she decided to understand the root cause of the problem and ended up being persuaded to join Kotak Life Insurance as a Life Advisor. Prior to that, she had a successful stint in the corporate world followed by an entrepreneurial venture. Kotak Life Insurance allowed her to be financially independent and generate various streams of income to boost her post-retirement corpus.

Being an LA has been a joyride for Leela. She enjoyed being her own boss, the get-togethers and the interactions that took place with people. She feels that a person who likes meeting new people, who is able to express himself/herself well and understands the policies is best suited for this kind of a job. What has helped her along this path is being sincere, forthright and having the customer's interest at heart. She aims to continue setting up multiple streams of income to help prepare for life that lies ahead.


Ajoy Sahu Moran Hat, Assam

Little did this 41-year old from eastern Assam know that while he was looking after his family business, a few years down the line he would become a financial advisor and earn a handsome sum, that too without any worries. He incidentally happened to meet a Sales Manager from Kotak Life Insurance who identified the potential in him to become a successful advisor, thus convincing him to join.

Right after joining Kotak Life Insurance, Ajoy qualified for the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table(MDRT) Club and has been a Platinum Club member for the past three rounds. The main reason of his agreeing to become an LA was the financial support it was going to provide to him, but later realised that he was thoroughly enjoying what he was doing. The same holds true even now, says Ajoy, who likes to spend his free time constructively by meeting people and building contacts.

It is this habit of maintaining social relations and image that has helped Ajoy convert policies. He also feels that the Rewards and Recognition programmes at Kotak Life Insurance are a motivating factor behind his success, through which he has also gone on international tours with his family. Ajoy believes that, to be successful in life one has to be true to his work and provide the best service to the customer.


Deepti Gupta Gurgaon

Many a time we don't realise our own strengths and qualities. Deepti Gupta, our esteemed advisor from Gurgaon, felt the same. She started her career as a Life Advisor with Kotak Life Insurance after seeing a newspaper advertisement just to utilise her free time. She decided to give it a shot, not realising that not only would she surpass her first month's target with ease but also go on to become one of the top Life Advisors in the country.

This small step helped Deepti realise that she liked meeting new people every day and possessed good selling skills. There has been no looking back ever since. Being an LA has not only given her name, fame and recognition among her peers, but has also made her independent. She now believes that any work done with conviction and honesty always yields good results.


Dharampal Chugh Mumbai

Dharampal Chugh shifted to Mumbai in 1986 as a supplier of industrial products to companies with his elder brother. The availability of time made him turn towards the footwear business as an additional income source. Soon he had also tried his hand in the communication sector by starting a STD booth that provided services to over 100 clients.

Dharampal was introduced to the world of insurance by a friend, who was training with Kotak Life Insurance. Being the risk-taker, Dharampal decided to take the test and went for the 40 day part-time training program. The first month proved to be very encouraging and fruitful as he won about 40gms gold in an ongoing sales contest and he soon became the highest policy seller among his peers.

The fact that one doesn’t need to invest capital in the business other than time and effort is what attracted Dharampal to Kotak Life Insurance. He qualified for the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table(MDRT) Club in 2003 and there has been no looking back for him since then. Now, he works with the intention of insuring more and more people. Mr. Chugh has qualified seven times for MDRT, out of which 2 times were for COT, and has also been a member of Hall of Fame as well as a member of the Platinum club and 51 club.

His advice to newcomers is to always be truthful to your clients, provide need based solutions, as it is a long term relationship and you cannot cheat them for long!


Dimpy Jindal Delhi

Age is definitely no bar for achieving success. And who would know this better than Dimpy Jindal. Being just 21 years old, Dimpy has qualified for the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) conference multiple times. She is pursuing her CA along with being an active Life Advisor and has always been interested in insurance. She has also successfully cleared three actuarial science papers, which she believes has helped her a lot in understanding products better. For someone still pursuing studies, it seems difficult to take time out for an alternative career, but that's not how Dimpy feels.

She believes that being a Life Advisor with Kotak Life Insurance further adds to her knowledge of insurance and to her advisory role as a CA. The best part of it all being that she can do it at her own convenience. To her, selling insurance plans is a way of interacting with people and provides them with social security. Apart from learning about insurance, Dimpy makes a handsome amount that takes care of her expenses as well. She attributes her success to her hard work and persistence, and the constant motivation provided by her branch and Kotak Life Insurance's R&R programs.


Gajendra Singh Mutha Jodhpur

Mr. Gajendra Singh Mutha a Commerce graduate, decided to become a Life Advisor after he got a call from Kotak Life's office in Jaipur. After the Sales Manager explained the procedure of becoming a Life Advisor, he answered the exam out of sheer interest. He slowly and steadily got a hang of selling policies.

The on-going scheme at that time could have won him a Maruti Swift, but unfortunately he missed out on the opportunity by a few points. However, he did earn Rs. 2-3 lakh worth of gold alongside his regular commission. Since then he has been a part of the Platinum club, and has even taken a trip to Singapore with his wife, an opportunity which otherwise would have been very difficult. He attributes his success as a Life Advisor to his wife, who has stood by him all the time supporting and encouraging him along the way.

Through the Rewards & Recognition programs, Mr. Gajendra Sing has a new-found identity in Rajasthan amongst his peers. He feels that to make it big as a Life advisor, one needs to be passionate, crazy and confident that they can do whatever it takes to become successful. All he aims for now is to lead a happy and content life.


Hitesh Ganpatbhai Oza Surat

Mr. Hitesh Oza started his career as a marketing executive in a chemical company, about seven years ago. Being a marketing executive meant spending endless hours at work that too for a menial salary. He switched professions so as to get the best of both worlds: financial security and mental satisfaction. He changed 14 companies in 10 years to strike a balance in his personal and professional life.

But then in 2002, after reading a newspaper advertisement about Kotak Life Insurance, he tried his luck and called the prescribed number. Since then, there has been no looking back. As compared to his previous salary of Rs.7000 pm, today he pays more than 50 times of that as income tax! And apart from the huge surge in income, he has been lucky to have travelled to places like Singapore, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

His advice to his fellow mates is to keep a tab on clients regularly by meeting them and attending calls. He also says that to be a successful LA one needs to sell ethically rather than focusing on commissions alone. For him, success lies in pure customer satisfaction. He aspires to be ranked among the top 10 Life Advisors by 2017.


Ms. Jasmini Mehul Oza Vapi

Jasmini Oza is an insurance agent, a distributor of plastic goods and a social activist. Kotak Life Insurance has provided her with an opportunity to prove herself in the world of insurance. The regular training sessions at Kotak Life have helped her sharpen her skills.

Doing something significant has made her proud to be a woman. Jasmini attributes her success to her wide base of customers, who not only increase her business with them but also refer her to their family and friends. She acknowledges that her Sales Manager and Branch Manager have played an important role in her success story.


Nidhi Bhargava Mumbai

Nidhi had been a part of the educational fraternity for about three to four years before joining Kotak Life Insurance.

She started off as a Life Advisor with Kotak Life Insurance after taking a break from teaching for a few months. She found out about it through an internet advertisement, and the presentation prepared by the company persuaded her to become a part of Kotak Life Insurance.

She also wanted to contribute something significant to the society. As a teacher she imparted knowledge, and as a Life Advisor it has been equally rewarding and gratifying and has taught Nidhi to be more focused, disciplined and confident. The training provided from time to time has helped her sharpen her skills as an advisor.

As an advisor, she has qualified for COT twice, and multiple times for the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table(MDRT). She has also enjoyed her trip to Singapore as part of the international sales convention with her family. She feels that when one works honestly towards customers and the profession, it will yield nothing else but success. As for her fellow mates, she wishes to say just one thing, "Earn quality education and do quality work".

Her future plans as a Life Advisor include doing the best financial planning for maximum people so that they can achieve whatever they want in life.


Plabita Priyadarshi Mumbai

Plabita Priyadarshi joined Kotak in 2004 and has not looked back since then. She is a staunch believer in retail and need based selling. With a client base at a staggering 1500 and growing by the day, their satisfaction is her prime concern. With an eye on the huge potential in this sector, she believes in organised schedule and consistency and the passion to remain at the top. Plabita had been the topmost Life Advisor of the 51 Club for four consecutive years since 2005 and vows to remain there.

Plabita acknowledges the fact that Kotak has given her the best platform to prove her mettle and achieve a level of fame and glory which a routine assignment could not have given. She believes that consistency is the only way if one wants to go a long way in insurance.


Prakash Limkar Pune

Mr. Prakash has been a tax consultant for the last 25 years and about two years back joined Kotak Life Insurance as a Life Advisor. His interest in the field earned him the position of ‘Zero Day Star' when he sold 30 proposals the very day he cleared his Life Advisor exam and earned the license to sell life insurance policies. And since then he has had a very illustrious career.

Within two and a half months of becoming a Life Advisor, he has been a part of four rounds of the prestigious 51 Club and has qualified for international sales conventions in Phuket and Singapore. Although money was not a very big motivation, he liked the people he worked with and that motivated him to continue being a Life Advisor. He has been able to work with Kotak Life Insurance because of the supportive atmosphere and the honesty with which work progresses.

For him customer requirements and satisfaction is what counts the most, irrespective of the commission he gets. All he wishes to tell his fellow Life Advisors is that they should work with a positive attitude and should not let excuses become a part of their work-life. He idolises Lata Mangeshkar, Amitabh Bachchan and Sachin Tendulkar for their achievements and aspires to become a person who people look up to.


Raju Tamang Guwahati

Raju Tamang is engaged in Health Program Management. His ambition in life is to excel in his chosen field as well as in the insurance and financial consultancy segment. Kotak has provided him support, mentoring by the Sales Manager and the platform to enhance his potential in this field. Raju's message to his fellow Life Advisors is to have enthusiasm and the will to achieve the best. The secret of his success is patience, hard work and resilience to bounce back after failures.


Rahima Hussain Tinsukia, Assam

The story of this humble house-wife from a small town in Assam is truly inspiring. Rahima was an agent in Sahara Finance five years ago, before joining Kotak Life Insurance. She got introduced to Kotak Life Insurance by our Sales Managers who has sold a policy to her and then saw the potential and persuaded her to join Kotak Life Insurance as a Life Advisor. Rahima’s family was facing acute financial constraints and this made her take up the challenge of selling life insurance policies. After becoming a Life Advisor at Kotak Life Insurance, she got her first pay check for Rs 10,000, and things started looking different.

For Rahima, there has been no looking back since then. Being a Life Advisor with Kotak Life Insurance has completely turned her life around. Rahima has qualified for the prestigious 51 Club with consecutive five rounds in a year and made it for "Konverge". She not only bailed her family out of the financial crisis, but could also dream big for her son. Soon enough she bought a small passenger vehicle from her earnings that became a source of extra income for her. Ever since, her income has grown more than ten-fold.

Her mentors at Kotak Life Insurance have been her pillar of support throughout her journey as a Life Advisor. She now wishes to continue earning well and buy a bigger passenger vehicle that will improve her income further before buying a car for herself and her family.


Yadagiri Pratap Rao Hyderabad

Sometimes life's failures make way for success. The same was true for Yadagiri Pratap Rao from Hyderabad. Yadagiri, a graduate in Economics and a post graduate in Marketing was working with a bank till 1992 before venturing into trading chemicals, where he suffered financial losses amounting to Rs 1.5 crore.

He started as a part-time Life Advisor to supplement his income in 2004 before becoming a full-time Life Advisor in 2007. With Kotak Life Insurance's support and training, Yadagiri was able to build a good client base and for the past two years has been a member of the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), a rare distinction for the top performing insurance advisors all over the world. It was pure determination and patience which led to Yadagiri's success. He now wishes to spread the noble cause of securing the future of more people.


Sayed Zainab Mumbai

Sayed Zainab, one of our most successful Life Advisors, was a high flying cabin crew member with Saudi Airways for 18 years before joining Kotak Life Insurance.

Today, more than five years after that, she is still a high flier winning a lot of national as well as international accolades. Being a Kotak Life Insurance Life Advisor has not only replaced her airline income but has also given her the flexibility to attend to her family responsibilities without having to compromise on her earning capabilities.

Today, as she sets her sights high, she is very thankful to her associates and clients and particularly her manager for trusting her and helping her all the way. With perseverance and determination she wishes to achieve even greater laurels and probably own a Mercedes Benz someday.


Zankhana Chirayu Desai Surat

Zankhana, a science graduate, started off as a business manager with a networking company called Asset International. Due to marriage and pregnancy, she quit her job and took a break for three years to look after her children and family.

Following which, she decided to join Kotak Life Insurance as a Life Advisor, for she roughly got four hours of free time with managing the baby and the house. She feels that the best part about being a Life Advisor with Kotak Life Insurance is the flexibility and convenience of the job. For Zankhana, KLI has been a blessing in terms of financial freedom, confidence and over all personality. Today she is known for her hard work and sincerity, which help her collect large amounts of premium.

Kotak Life Insurance's team has helped her become a perfect Life Advisor who is ethical and always thinks about the client's benefit first. Zankhana's success mantra for new advisors is simple and effective. She believes that whatever work one undertakes, one should do it with pure conscience and true dedication. She aspires to become like Gidion, the best performing Life Advisor of Old Mutual in South Africa, and earn big like him.


Our Executive Advisors

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