How to Pay Advance Tax Online in India?

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How to Pay Advance Tax Online in India

Term Insurance Quote
  • 9th Mar 2021
  • 2,346

How to Pay Advance Tax Online in India

Advance tax is the tax on income which is paid in advance instead of a lump sum payment at the end of the fiscal year. It is commonly referred to as ‘pay as you earn’ tax. The payments for these taxes have to be made in instalments depending on the due dates that the income tax department has provided.

Advance tax is an efficient way of making tax payments for only those individuals who do not have monthly salaries as their source of income. In the case of salaried individuals, the tax is deducted at source, and so, they do not have to pay advance tax. Money earned through different income sources is applicable for advance tax. This tax can be paid through different banks or online. Let’s see how to pay advance tax online.

How to pay advance tax online in India?

The Income Tax Department of India has made the process of making the Advance Tax payments online easy. They have set up the online facility, and anyone who wishes to make the advance tax payment can simply visit the official website ‘’ and follow the listed below steps.

  • On the IT Department’s website, select the e-payment facility.
  • To pay the advance tax, select the correct form. Individuals should choose ITNS 280.
  • Choose the correct code for advance tax; the applicable code number is 100.
  • Fill out your details, such as PAN, name, number, address, email address, etc.
  • The net banking page or debit card payment gateway will be visible once you click on Proceed.
  • Pay the amount shown.
  • After you make the payment, the next screen will give you the receipt called Challan 280. Save a copy and use it while filing ITR.

Now, as the process of paying advance tax online in India is clear, let’s understand who should make this payment.

Who has to pay advance tax?

The eligibility for advance tax is a broad category. If you meet the requirements listed below, you will have to pay advance tax:

1. Self-employed individuals like business-people, freelancers and professionals come under this category.

2. A Non-Resident Indian (NRI) who generates an income more than ₹10,000 in India should pay advance tax.

3. Investors who have earned an income through different investment options like stocks or fixed deposits.

4. Individuals who have earned income from leasing out a property on rent.

5. Any individual who has earned money by winning a lottery.

Individuals who meet the criteria listed above should also check the payment dates for advance tax payments. Since the advance tax is paid in instalments, it is necessary to keep track of the dates to make the payment calculation simpler.

Save Tax Now

The following are the due dates for corporate taxpayers and individuals to pay advance tax:

Instalment due dates Advance tax to be paid
On or prior to 15th June 15% of the advance tax payable
On or prior to 15th September 45% of the tax excluding the last instalment
On or prior to 15th December 75% of the tax excluding the last instalment
On or before 15th March 100% of the tax excluding the last instalment

To calculate advance tax, you must:

1.Determine the income you get other than your salary. It is essential you include agreements which may pay out later.

2.Remove your expenses from the income. Expenses which are related to work can be deducted, like travel expenses, internet etc.

3.Add up the income which you may receive in rent, earnings through interest, etc. Remove the TDS which is excluded from your salaried funds.

4.If the tax due goes above ₹10,000, then you will need to pay advance tax.

While making tax payments may seem a bit tedious, you can get a better idea on how to go about it with the Kotak Life Tax Savings Guide. The tax savings guide includes well-researched information on topics like how to file taxes online, how insurance policies are tax-friendly instruments, etc. With the help of this guide, your tax filing process can be stress-free and simple.

To conclude

An advance tax is paid on income earned through investments, real estate, lottery etc., by non-salaried individuals. It is advisable to calculate the amount for this tax and also, be updated on the dates for making these payments. Paying advance tax online is a simple process in which one can simply visit the official website and fill out the relevant information.

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